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The ability to work in the United States, and to provide for your family, is perhaps the most pressing daily issue for an immigrant in this country. Likewise, the ability of employers to maintain an effective workforce while complying with state and federal immigration laws is increasingly critical. At the Law Offices of Matthew H. Green in Tucson, Arizona, we represent both employees and employers in employment immigration cases.

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Securing a Work Visa

If you are seeking to resolve your employment immigration issue, there are number of options available to you. These options include work visas and business visas for employees and employers, including the following:

  • H1-B visas that allow employees to engage in specialty occupations
  • H1-C visas for professional nurses
  • H2-A visas for agricultural workers
  • H2-B visas that allow non-agricultural workers to provide temporary services or labor
  • L-visas are available for intra-company transferees, typically multinational directors and managers
  • P-visas for athletes and entertainers
  • C-visas for continuous and immediate transit throughout the United States
  • TN-visas are available for national of Canada and Mexico, admitted under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), who are seeking temporary entry into business at the professional level

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If you are not a U.S. citizen, and you are charged with a crime, you automatically have two legal systems that threaten to penalize you with incarceration and deportation. Our law firm concentrates its practice on only criminal defense and immigration law. Our lawyers work in both the criminal and immigration systems, which ensures that our clients only need one law firm to protect them in criminal and immigration courts.

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