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Successfully filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus with the U.S. District Court, challenging client's unlawful detention in the Florence Service Processing Center.  The Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration Judge had interpreted the Ninth Circuit's October 2015 opinion in Rodriguez v. Robbins to not allow "Rodriguez" bond hearings for non-citizens with reinstated orders of removal who are in "Withholding Only" proceedings.  After winning client's case in U.S. District Court, the Immigration Judge released the law firm's client on bond.  This was the first and, as of October, 2016, the only win of its kind in Arizona.

Matthew Green

Managing Attorney. Green | Evans-Schroeder (formerly Law Offices of Matthew H. Green) focuses on the aggressive defense of immigrants. A native of Arizona, Mr. Green understands the difficulties that immigrants and families of immigrants face when a loved one is charged with a crime. He knows how frightening it can be for some...

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Green Evans-Schroeder is focused on the aggressive defense of immigrants.