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When you seek legal help for a problem, your lawyer should take the time to listen to your concerns and work with you to find a reasonable solution for your particular immigration or criminal problem with the law.

At the Law Offices of Matthew H. Green in Tucson, Arizona, we do all that and more, using our legal experience and knowledge to help find the right approach to the individual and unique issues that appear in each client's case. Whether you live around the corner, or you are calling from across the country about a loved one who has been arrested and placed in detention, we are here to help with any immigration or criminal case.

Experience Makes The Difference

Clients who are represented by the Law Offices of Matthew H. Green are well-served by a team of attorneys with many years of combined experience. Our immigration and criminal lawyers aggressively work to effectively protect our clients who require assistance in their immigration and criminal cases. No law firm in Arizona matches the depth of experience in criminal and immigration law than the Law Offices of Matthew H. Green.

The Law Offices Of Matthew H. Green: Dedicated To Keeping Families Together

Helping families remain intact is important for us. We work with clients in Arizona and throughout the country to help them gain legal immigration status. When you come to our office, we will identify your options for legally entering and staying in the United States.

Our attorney, Matthew H. Green, has extensive experience practicing in immigration courts. He understands how frightening it can be for clients to face immigration matters such as deportation proceedings. That's why he works closely with clients and their families, fighting to avoid removal and to keep loved ones together.

Working With Clients Across The Country

Our office is in Tucson, and we work with clients regionally as well as throughout the country. In fact, approximately 40 percent of our clients are California residents who have loved ones detained at the facilities in Eloy, Arizona, and Florence, Arizona.

Fluent In Spanish To Better Serve You

Attorney Matthew H. Green and the staff at our office are fluent in Spanish, the language spoken by a majority of our clients. We welcome questions from our Spanish-speaking clients and their family members.

Trusted Legal Advice

Contact us online or call us locally at (520) 882-8852l free at (877) 882-8852, to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Tucson, Arizona, criminal defense and immigration lawyer.

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Arizona's "Crimmigration" Law Firm

If you are not a U.S. citizen, and you are charged with a crime, you automatically have two legal systems that threaten to penalize you with incarceration and deportation. Our law firm concentrates its practice on only criminal defense and immigration law. Our lawyers work in both the criminal and immigration systems, which ensures that our clients only need one law firm to protect them in criminal and immigration courts.

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The Law Offices of Matthew H. Green is focused on the aggressive defense of immigrants.